Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing is a thrilling, action-packed skiing game. You have twelve levels to prove your mettle and establish yourself as an unbeatable champion. You will descend the mountainside quickly. Watch out for numerous hazards and impediments along the route, such as fences and stones. Aim to veer to the side and avoid obstacles as soon as possible. To be able to react quickly, pay close attention to the road. This will decide if you have to redo the race or if you can conquer the next snowy slope.

The track will get harder and harder with each level, but the true winners will only get more passionate and interested in sports as a result. Your ability to see clearly, act quickly, and be deft will help you win and go down in sports history as a champion. Have fun and good luck in the game!

How to play

Use left and right arrow keys to maneuver.

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