Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE

Pocket Zone is an action-adventure game in which you try to escape from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The creators of Pocket Survivor, Pocket Survivor 2, and Pocket Survivor: Expansion have created a new co-op survival game that combines an RPG, event visualization, and various character animations. This captivating game blends gameplay aspects from the best survival scenarios.

Learn about the zone's difficulties, which are rich with artifacts, mutants, explorers, and bandits. Endless occurrences and a well-designed role-playing system of classes and talents combine to create an unfathomable sense of loneliness in a cruel world. Survive and become extremely wealthy, or fulfill your deepest desire by visiting the fabled Chernobyl nuclear power plant with the Wishmaster. Alternately, journey across the wastelands to break up the monotony of city life, where harsh conditions risk your life. Can you endure the zone's overwhelming hold for even a single day?

How To Play

  • Drag the left mouse button.