Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020 is a brand-new installment in the well-liked sports game franchise that stars well-known players. 

This game will include a wide variety of modes, which will enhance its vibrancy and intrigue. Quick Match, two-player, and single-player modes are available for play. You can play a quick match, go through a quick training session, or compete in a tournament in single-player mode. 

After that, it makes sense to play a few quick matches, after which you can securely take part in the competition. There will be three players on your basketball squad. Three players will be involved in the game; the other will serve as a safety and watch from the sidelines. The top teams in America are participating in this exciting battle! Become a real-life basketball legend by defeating everyone!

How to play

The first player:

  • WASD - movement.
  • X - throw/knock out the ball.
  • Z - super throw.
  • S - lift the ball up / block.
  • P - break.

The second player:

  • Arrow keys - movement.
  • L - throw/knock out the ball.
  • K - super throw.
  • Up/Down arrow keys - lift the ball up/block.

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