Gold Mining Challenge for Two

Gold Mining Challenge for Two

Gold Mining Challenge for Two

Gold Mining Challenge for Two is a neat game that features an entertaining race to find the fastest gold miner. Here, you have the option to play in single-player or two-player mode with a friend. Welcome to the wealthiest mine, where you can obtain a significant amount of gold and other valuable stones. You can begin as soon as you determine how many people will participate.

There are thirty levels in the game. The guidelines are rather straightforward and most likely well-known. In a set amount of time, you must utilize the hook to extract additional gold and other minerals. A huge gold stone, for instance, costs 250 coins; a diamond, 400 coins; and ore, 20 coins. Make every effort to avoid your opponent and finish within the allotted time. Have fun and good luck in the game!

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How To Play

First player controls:

  • S - lower the hook.
  • G - dynamite.

Controls for the second player:

  • Down arrow- lower the hook.
  • Up arrow - dynamite.