Yohoho.io was designed as a multiplayer version of the popular.io game. In this free online game, you play as a pirate with the goal of establishing your rule over the islands. The goal of the game is to eliminate all other pirates while accumulating riches and growing in size.

The game has a dash ability that grants your pirate extra speed. Look out for hazards and try to collect gold coins as you navigate the terrain. If you are unfortunate enough to fall into it, you will experience the repercussions. Do you have what it takes to become the most feared pirate?

Yohoho.io is one of the many .io games available on our website. These include famous .io games such as Krunker and Shell Shockers, but also less famous ones such as and.

How To Play

  • To move, use your mouse or press WASD/arrow keys.
  • To attack, press left mouse button or space bar. 
  • Hold to charge an attack.